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第 1 筆 The Age of Innocence/Edith Wharton.--London:YOUNG ADULT ELI READERS, 2015
第 2 筆 Vanity Fair/William Makepeace Thackeray.--London:YOUNG ADULT ELI READERS, 2015
第 3 筆 Crying Wolf amd Other Tales/Aesop.--London:Oxford, 2014
第 4 筆 ADVENTURE at HAYDON POINT/Elizabeth Ferretti.--London:Teen ELI Readers, 2015
第 5 筆 Moby Dick/Herman Melville.--London:YOUNG ADULT ELI READERS, 2015
第 6 筆 The Boat Race Mystery/Janet Borsbey ;Ruth Swan.--London:Teen ELI Readers, 2014
第 7 筆 DRACULA/Bram Stoke.--London:Teen ELI Readers, 2013
第 8 筆 Expedition Brazil/RamosAnna Claudia.--London:Teen ELI Readers, 2013
第 9 筆 Heart of Darkness/ConradJoseph.--London:YOUNG ADULT ELI READERS, 2012
第 10 筆 Washington square /Henry James; retold by Kieran McGovern.--Simplified ed .--Oxford :Oxford University Press,2008 .--Oxford bookworms library.|nStage 4,.--Classics
第 11 筆 Typhoon/Joseph Conrad ;text adaptation by Tim Herdon .--Oxford:Oxford University Press, c2010
第 12 筆 From the Earth to the Moon /Jules Verne .--Oxford :Oxford University Press ,2015
第 13 筆 The love of a king/Peter Dainty .--Oxford:Oxford University Press, 2008
第 14 筆 Police TV/Tim Vicary ;illustrated by Dylan Teague .--Oxford:Oxford University Press, 2008 ;New York
第 15 筆 Leaving no footprint:stories from Asia/retold by Clare West ;[illustrations by Kim Seng and Prashant Miranda].--Simplified ed .--Oxford:Oxford University Press, c2010
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